Outpatient Cardiology Clinic

ULTRAKARDIO specialist cardiology practice performs comprehensive diagnostics of the cardiovascular system depending on health indications and need. All the cardiac tests we perform are non-invasive meaning patients come to their doctor's examination relaxed and can use all medication as they are usually taken.

In 2021, the British magazine GHP gave ULTRAKARDIO Portorož, at the recommendation of the independent accreditation organization CPD, the award for the best private cardiology practice in Central Europe, and in 2022 the award for technological development.

The clinic performs the following tests:

Echocardiography is a heart examination where a cardiologist gets accurate anatomical and functional data on the heart and relevant vascular structure using ultrasound. This information assists the treating physician to diagnose and decide upon the treatment of the heart disease. The examination is completely painless and requires no preliminary preparation. During the examination, the patient lies on their side and ultrasound gel is applied to the skin for better contact with the probe.
Cardiac stress tests or cycloergometry is a non-invasive cardiac examination where the patient is on an indoor bike whilst we gradually increase the resistance. In the meantime we observe and measure various indicators (blood pressure, ECG, pulse, analyse breathing). This information assists the cardiologist to assess the functioning of the heart and lungs and uncover any disease changes. On the day of the test, we advise patients to eat a light breakfast and to bring with them comfortable clothing (shorts or trousers) and suitable footwear (trainers). 3 hours before the test we reccommend patients not to eat, smoke or drink coffee.
Functional heart diagnostics combine several diagnostic procedures which allow the cardiologist to objectively assess the functionality of the cardiovascular system.
The 24 hour heart-rate monitoring (Holter) records the electrical activity of the heart. The examination is painless and does not interfere with the patient's daily activities. We attach an ECG recorder with electrodes to the patient's chest, which they wear outside of the clinic. The device continuously records ECG, in the case of a medical problem, the patient can press a special button. This examination uncovers potential heart rhythm disorders which cannot be seen on a usual ECG recording. We check the work of the pacemaker and determine the effects of the medication.
Transferral of health information with the help of ICT (smartphones, internet) allows the cardiologist to monitor patients even when they are not in the clinic.
Heart exams include consultation with patients on their problems and other important factors which impact their health status and cardiological examination.
At the clinic we carry out all necessary cardiological tests needed to diagnose and monitor our patients' health status even post operative.
A pacemaker is a device which is inserted into the chest bone and helps balance the heartbeat by using an electric impulse. In order for the device to operate well, it must have the proper settings. With time the parameters (age, associated illnesses,…) change, and consequently the pacemaker function settings must change to. The cardiologist checks the settings and battery status every 6 to 12 months.
Preventive heart examinations allow the cardiologist to check how healthy and strong your heart is. During the examination, we focus on preventing cardiovascular diseases. When performing this examination, we also analyse existing medical documentation and give a second medical opinion.
A Non-Invasive preventive heart-screening test using ECG electrodes and AI to accurately and reliably detect cardiovascular diseases and to assess the risk of developing a heart attack.
Non-invasive cardiological examination using ultrasound measurements and artificial intelligence to produce an accurate 3D model of the patient's heart. Reliable and accurate measurements comparable to results obtained with a cardiac MRI scan allow for early recognition of abnormalities or pathologies.

ULTRAKARDIO Outpatient Clinic prepares the following for patients:

A second medical opinion, in accordance with the Patient Rights Act, is one of the fundamental patient rights and is carried out in the case when the patient doubts the correctness of the diagnosis or the treatment process.

Patient complaint process

The person responsible for managing any patient complaints is Zoran Konstantinović, MD, Internal Medicine Specialist – Cardiologist. Patients may submit their complaints in writing or verbally.

Personal data protection

Data Protection Officer (DPO) is Simona Marko. Patients may contact her over e-mail odvetnica.marko@siol.net or phone +386 (2) 252 2680.