About us

ULTRAKARDIO is a specialist cardiology practice and medical technology development centre. The practice has its registered office in Koper and renders services in Portorož, Šenčur and Muggia.

ULTRAKARDIO, Outpatient Cardiology Clinic, has been granted a full concession by the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, national health service, and offers private patient services as well. Our services are covered by Prva zdravstvena asistenca insurance.

The medical team is led by experienced cardiologist specialist Siniša Grujić, MD, internist-cardiologist, who has been joined by Viktorija Grujić who has gained MD status. Our staff is highly professional and friendly which creates a pleasant ambience in our state-of-the-art and easily accessible practice.

ULTRAKARDIO performs various cardiovascular tests and the following activities:

  • true to our commitment to international co-operation, we have begun to work with specialised institution abroad (American Heart Institute, Cyprus) and foreign medical insurance provider (Medcam, Poland). We are working with an international team of experts and specialist doctors to establish an international cardiology centre in Muggia, where we are performing cardiology examinations from November 2022.
  • co-operation with the High Technology Medical Centre in Tbilisi (Georgia) related to cancerous diseases and their effect on the heart’s function,
  • participation in the development of medical technology, telemedicine and state-of-the-art methods of non-invasive treatment of heart diseases, in co-operation with foreign companies (from the Netherlands, Austria, Lithuania etc.),
  • providing training in diagnostic cardiac ultrasound imaging,
  • co-operation with the European Society of Cardiology – providing training at symposia and congresses,
  • co-operation with institutions in the field of cardiology (University Medical Centre of Ljubljana, Medicor, University Medical Centre of Maribor and Austrian institutions in the field of cardiology),
  • activities related to the manufacturing of diagnostic ultrasound imaging equipment and co-operation with enterprises operating in this field.