Cardisiography is the first preventive method using artificial intelligence to highly accurately and within minutes identify cardiovascular diseases and assess the patients risk for developing a heart attack. Disorders can be detected in very early stages thus enabling faster and more effective treatment. 

This modern method is non-invasive, safe, highly reliable and painless. It is suitable for adults and performed in a clinic while the patient is in a resting state.

The sensitivity rate of cardisiography is over > 90%, proven by clinical studies. The method is able to detect signs of cardiovascular disorders in patients with no symptoms, such as ischemia in a resting state. 

The 3 step procedure lasts around 30 minutes

  1. Firstly, we explain the cardisiography procedure and run preliminary diagnostic tests. 
  2. Secondly, we attach five electrodes to your body, similar to an ECG, to perform a three-dimensional measurement of your heart. The recording lasts for 4 minutes, while you are in a resting state.  
  3. Finally, the recorded parameters are transmitted to the cardisiograph and processed into a report using computer analysis and an AI algorithm. The results are ready after 15 minutes. You can discuss them with a doctor.